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We Are Only Accepting 7 People!

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What's included:

Triple Your Income in the next 30 days

The first 30 days will be a specific BOOTCAMP style training where you will be receiving specific videos designed to help you build the proper mindset and habits that will not only build your income, but also sustain it!

The Perfect Day Formula

Master what it looks and feels like to no longer be overwhelmed looking to balance, work, home, play and anything else! Become the MASTER over your schedule and fill it with fulfillment and fun instead of task to just “check off.”

The Financial Fortress

Learn the THREE STAGES to building wealth and how to move from the mindset of scarcity, lack, or limitation, into a mindset of abundance and prosperity! Also learn how to break the limiting beliefs you may have about money!

The 5-Figure Day Formula

Turning your yearly income into your monthly or even day income number is nothing more than having the right plan. After all, success is not a SECRET, it’s a SYSTEM! Let’s help you master it!

We Are Only Accepting 7 People!

If you are one of the 7 people chosen to work with Damon, you will learn the exact step-by-step strategies he used to go from making $9/hr to creating multiple 7 figures in income and creating a 7-figure business in just three years!

You are required to complete a clarity call to lock in your spot.  The investment for the clarity call is $5,000. During the call, Damon will know if you two are a good fit.