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The Elevation Project Mixtape + The Workbook - $97 Value

ARE YOU READY TO MOVE? Listen, one of the BEST and most effective ways to learn is NOT in a classroom!!!!


It’s UP and MOVING!!! We LEARN by DOING!!!! I have learned the skills, tips, tricks, and HOW – TO that helped us create MILLIONS while DRIVING and WORKING out!!!


“The Elevation Project” will allow you to tap into GREAT BEATS with LIFE CHANGING principles, lessons, and tips to live your BEST LIFE… NOW! Let’s Elevate!!!!

5 Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs Never Earn 6 Figures - $97 Value

There is an old Chinese proverb that says, “If you KNOW the ENEMY you can DEFEAT the enemy!” One of the major KEYS to creating success in ANY area of your life is to KNOW the POSSIBLE obstacles that will ATTEMPT to stop you from hitting your goal.



This is ESPECIALLY TRUE when it comes to your finances! “The Top 5 Reasons” mini course is a 5 day program that PROMISES once you have mastered these principles, there is NO LIMIT to the success you will create! 

Your First Year As an Entrepreneur - $47 Value

20% of all new business FAIL within their first 12 months! Of those, 50% will FAIL within their first 36 months of business! Unfortunately, odds are you may be no different!


What if you could PREPARE yourself properly and equip yourself and YOUR TEAM with the tools needed to win, WIN BIG, and do it with much less stress or resistance! After all, what good is creating income, if it cost you lifestyle!

6 Steps to 6 Figures: The Condensed Private Training - $197 Value

There are only two ways we learn in life… through PAIN, or through PEOPLE! In other words, we only learn through MISTAKES or MENTORS!


Unfortunately, one is VERY time consuming and quite discouraging at the same time! Mentorship has been a SECRET KEY to success for so many allowing them to ESCAPE the pitfalls and EARN their way to the top in their industry!


This is an exclusive PRIVATE TRAINING I did for my students who qualified to attend!

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My OBSESSION is not only in assisting people with REDISCOVERING their GIFTS, but also in helping them uncover the dream that they have had bottled up.


I remember where I was four years ago mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. I have committed my life to showing and providing people the TRUTH about HOW they can TRULY change their lives. I look forward to assisting you in the MANIFESTATION of YOUR DREAM!

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